Put thirty years of experience in software engineering to work for you.

Cynthia Verdow has been developing computer software since 1984 -- working exclusively with web-based applications since 1999. We offer our clients the strength of diversified experience: from embedded systems to mainframes.

Our detailed understanding of all phases of the software development and document production life cycles comes together in the creation of products with unrivaled quality.

We are agile and flexible, and react quickly to changes in project requirements. Through our dedication to quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely deliveries, our first commitment is to our client's satisfaction.

Web development expertise includes CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, mySQL, PHP, and XML. We welcome new development, the customization of third-party packages, integration with external sites via API ("Application Programming Interface"), and the development of client-specific features for existing sites and third-party packages.

Whether you need a few changes to an existing site or a fully-installed turnkey operation, competitive pricing and unrivaled quality set us apart.

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